Session 1: Physical Pixelation

My work was inspired by an artist, Zenyk Palagniuk. He used 13,000 nails and thread to create this portrait. In my view, this kind of technic perfectly utilized the idea of pixelation. What makes it more interesting is that it’s a combination of two matrials as opposed to most of the pixelation works. Since it’s not a step by step tutorials, I just emulated the way he used.


Step 1: I sketched the outline of an eye

Step 2: I drove nails into the wood. In the darker part such as the eyebrow and the black part of the eye, I put more nails. In the lighter parts, I used less nails.

Step 3: I wired the thread on it. As you can see, the density of the thread is higher in the darker area.

It’s recognizable but not very sharp. I didn’t do very well for the gradient effet for shadows on the face. I think I need more nails to make the contrast more obvious.