Final Project: Consciousness Transplant


Consciousness Transplant is a cinematic VR experience with creepy, scary, and sci-fi atmosphere, seeking a possibility to let users experience the process of “consciousness transplant,” which is nearly impossible to experience in the traditional movie experience. Users would be embodied to an avatar at the beginning. Besides, they would be constrained onto a physical wheelchair at the beginning, which aims to mirror the setting in the VR scene to create “presence” immediately. Afterward, the vibe will get weirder and weirder by using sound cues and lighting changing. The main second scene uses abstract graphics to symbolize the stream of consciousness. In the end, the consciousness will be transplanted into a robot.

Physical Setting

I used the wheelchair on the floor and constrained the users on it. By doing so, it can hugely reduce the distractions and precisely guide the users to the linear storyline.

Things I can improve for ITP Spring Show
  1. Fix the rigging issues of the models to make them look more realistic.
  2. Keep fine-tuning the sound
  3. Instantiate the camera based on users’ height

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