Week 9: Final Project Progress

The difficulties we met from the midterm

Throughout these weeks, we’ve been iterating, reframing, and consolidating our final project idea. Fortunately, we had a phone call with Rob, the CEO of Farm One. We had a lot of feedback regarding our idea and Rob helped us direct to the right way. Originally, we intended to use the flavor to map to user’s emotion, and also use user’s emotion as an input to influence the flavor of the plants. However, according to Rob, it’s very hard to create significant flavor difference in a short period of time. Besides, emotions are subjective and fleeting. Based on these uncertainties, we decide to tweak our idea. In conclusion, we are going to use microgreens as a foundation for our project.

According to the research, microgreens are healthy food sources which can diversify our food system and provide a wide variety of minerals to our body. Besides, we also want to take the advantage of the colorful appearance of different kinds of microgreens. By combing the two features of microgreens, we rephrase our project statement:

“Use healthy food to create pixelation art”

We would like to use this as a gasification process to arise people’s awareness of healthy food.

The Experiment

We won’t be able to develop the whole user flow before the end of this semester. In the final presentation, we will use microgreens as the material to create three different kinds of pixelation art. Afterward, we will harvest them and mix different microgreens in the correspondent art piece, and taste the flavor of different “art pieces”. Even though the preference is subjective, we still want to know which combination is the tastiest one.

The Speculation of the User Flow

In the future, this could be a service which provides users to create their own microgreens pixelation art, grow them, harvest them, and eat them. So we will also design a digital interface which allows users to use the colors from the microgreens we have to make their pixelation art on screen. Afterward, they will receive their art piece and they have to take care of them until harvesting all the microgreens.

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