Final Concept

(haven’t finished yet, to be continued)



UX Sketches

The first part, the audience sits in a surgery room and the audience can see the mirror which is reflecting the character’s appearance. The purpose of this step is to make users feel the sense of presence and also persuade them they are now the character.

Users would find that their hands are bound with the handle of the bed. They can only move around their head to look around the environment. By doing this constraint, it can create a sense of horror and realize something dramatic is gonna happen in a very near future.

The second part is a doctor enters the surgery room and brings a weird device and gradually approach the user.

The doctor will start to operate the surgery after awhile. The vision of the users will start to get dim and blur until losing their whole vision.

The third part is a transition scene between the disembodiment and the re-embodiment. Users will see different kinds of glow passing, which symbolize the transmitting of data.

I haven’t made up my mind what would the re-embodiment part be like. I have several options. First, transform the consciousness to a device just like the White Christmas in Black Mirror. Second, putting the consciousness into someone’s else mind and observing other’s mind. Third, be transport into a cyborg.

One thought on “Final Concept”

  1. Hi Yuan!

    I like that you are creating mystery for the user in the first scenes that you’ve laid out. It starts out being surreal which is a good way to get the user interested. Most people understand what a hospital is supposed to be like, but in your VR world something is off.

    I’m not sure what your goal is with the overall experience, and I think figuring out what you want the user to feel will help you decide what happens after the transition scene.

    Some questions I have for you – Are you going to tie people’s hands down before they start? How are you going to prep the users before they put on the headset? Is the user going to be able to interact with anything or will they just be able to look around?

    Overall, I think the experience sounds like it will be suspenseful, kind of like a VR thriller. Looking forward to seeing it in class at the end of the semester!

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