Week 8

I am fascinated with the idea of utilizing cheap and easily accessible materials to create something fairly powerful tools or products. The articles of this week remind me of a project, which also uses local materials and biomimicry to mitigate the problem of water resources and hygiene in Africa.

Warka Tower is a vertical structure designed to collect and harvest potable water from the air, providing an alternative water source for rural populations that face challenges accessing drinkable water. The canopy creates a shaded social space where the community can gather for education and public meetings.”

Beyond the functionality, the architect also researches the local social and cultural context and interpret into his architecture design. Warka tree is a tree with large and thick canopy, which allows people to gather and rest. Warka Tower not only provides people clean and easily accessible water resource but also emulate the social function of  Warka tree. This truly inspires me and reminds me of the importance of considering the social context and the emotional connections of the users.

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