I continued to use the space I made from the previous “Recreating a Space” assignment as a foundation for my midterm project. Initially, I intended to create a Super Mario version The Truman Show, one of the most famous movies by Jim Carrey. In the movie, Truman was born and raised in a giant, isolated stadium and every moment of his life was captured by countless hidden cameras, and display on the TV show. However, he doesn’t know the truth until he gradually found the clues. For my project, I aimed to create a shorter narrative of this idea even if the fundamental setting is different.

My narrative is simple and straightforward:

Users realized they are in the Super Mario World and they are the game character.
The game shut down, the game objects stop working. Besides, something isn’t supposed to be in the game appears

Users enter the control room of the game

In the first scene, all of the objects are the iconic things from the Super Mario game. users will look at the Bullet Bill and followed the movement. By doing so, this point of interest will draw the attention and guide users to look the whole scene.

The role of the second scene is the connection to the third scene. In the second scene, the game system shut down, and all the object start to obey the physic rules in the real world. Besides, there is a relatively realistic ladder, which is the way to the game control room. Besides, it also aims to trigger the curiosity and gives clues.

In the third scene,  users realize they are in the control room since they see the first game scene from a bird’s eye view on the screen.

When they turn around, they can see the same skybox, which is another clue to let users know they are still in the game but different hierarchy.

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