Session 4: Recreate a space (Part 2)

(This is the preview on my computer. The movement is not as smooth as the performance on the Oculus VR device)

Last’s week progress
This week, I added some simple behaviors to the objects. I added rotation for the coins and position movement on the bullet to make it closer to the real Super Mario game scene.

In the beginning,  users can see two flying bullets in the sky. They are the first points of interest. Instinctively, users would follow the path of the bullet.

I utilized this movement to attract users attention to the other side of the scene, which allowed users to explore the whole scene. Other than the visual objects, I also incorporate sound into the experience. I used the classic Super Mario theme song with some edition. I used Adobe Audition to add spooky delay sound effect to create a sense of boundless space.


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