Session 1: My Vision in BioDesign Class

Before I came to ITP, I studied Agriculture in Taiwan. However, I didn’t like the conventional educating way that my college gave to me. Hence, I started to learn visual design in my junior year. After I graduated, I worked as a UX/UI designer in a tech start-up. This class not only allow me to re-visit the field I used to learn. Moreover, the experimental ways to bio-design are the things that make me really excited.

We don’t thoroughly understand the food we eat. Where did the food come from and what kind of nutrition can the food provide? We can quickly achieve our daily calories need, but we are not familiar with the ingredient of it. Agrochemical companies utilized biotechnology to develop crops that will not produce viable offspring, which aims to monopolize the seed market. What’s worse, they systemized the commercial structure among crops, pesticide, and herbicide. These approaches all target to make the profit, specifically, maximize the crop yields. However, this led to the The Great Nutrition Collapse of the food we eat.

Besides the food and nutrition issues, I am also interested in urban farming, vertical farms and any other unconventional farming method which aims to mitigate the environmental problems we have. All in all, I look forward to using creative approaches to tackle the severe issues.

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