Uureal Engine Exercise: Zombie Dance


I created this creepy bald zombie in Adobe Fuse. Since I wanted to let this character be as absurd as possible, I used regular arms and legs, but I put a muscular and robust body to make sense of conflict. On Mixamo, I played with different built-in animation and saw which is the most ridiculous and funniest one. Eventually, I chose Samba Dancing.

Scene and camera route

In the scene set in the Unreal Engine, I made 7 zombies with different sizes, from 1.0X to 2.2X, align them in the same X coordinate, and let them do the same movement – Samba Dancing. Regarding the camera, I started from a bird’s eye view and gradually move toward the zombie parade. Meanwhile, I pan the camera to the direction which can shoot the zombies’ faces. I found 3D modeling and animation is a fascinating topic after I’ve gotten used to manipulating the parameters of actors in the 3D environment. I look forward to diving more deeply into this field to make legit animations and games.

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