Session 10: Final Project – Iteration 1

The result of the playtesting

Interestingly, the playtesting showed that 50% testers chose writing as their way to convey their worries and the other 50% testers chose microphone. The main reason for people choosing writing is privacy. Saying they don’t want to let others hear their thought in public. On the other hand, the microphone group said that is easier and more intuitive to just say the worries out. Besides, one of the testers said that when he is writing something, he has to care about the grammar and think about the structure of the writing. In other words, recording the voice is more realistic than writing down the words.

Eventually, we decided to use the microphone as our input because we think it is more engaging in terms of interactivity. We want to create an illusion that the users are actually talking to the tree. Other than that, we also determined to use p5.js speech library as our input based on two reasons. The first reason is that uploading a sound format file is technically harder than directly record the sound from the computer. The second reason is that we want to use email as the format to send the content back to users. Hence, p5.js voice recognition is a perfect fit for our need since it can convert users’ voice into text strings.

The following are the graphs of the user flow:

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