Session 4: Enclosures

This week, I combined the assignment with the prototype of the Physical Computing final project, which is an installation of a tree. We tried two different directions. The first is a 3D tree sculpture. The second is a 2D tree. I am in charge of creating the latter one. Eventually, I utilized standoffs and laser cut panels to make this prototype. The following are the materials I used:

Acrylic (Thickness: 1/16 “, Color: Clear)
White LED

i. Create Laser cut files in Adobe Illustrator. I used the first file to etch the tree shape on cardboard. Besides, there are twelve circles on top of the canopy, which will be the holes to install LEDs. The second file is to laser cut acrylic to create panels. There are two panels with different purposes. The first is to protect the cardboard and the second is to load all the electronics.

ii. Laser Cutting

iii. Test whether the size of the standoffs could fit into the hole on acrylic and cardboard.

iv. Install the electronics and LEDs

LED perfectly fitted to each hole
It’s 3V LED and I used 9V battery to provide electricity. Hence, I grouped three LEDs as on set.
Install power source and switch
Install the bottom panel
End Product



One thought on “Session 4: Enclosures”

  1. Nice work, glad you used standoffs. They make repairs, mods, and changing the batteries very easy.

    I like how the light from the LEDs goes all the way to the edges, it’s a nice effect.

    I’d like to see a better way of insulating the wires, other than Scotch tape.

    Also, how is the 9 volt battery secured? How is the button secured? These are two important components in this project. If you let someone use this enclosure I fear the battery will slide around and the button will break away from the enclosure. In fact, I would rethink your button selection. Perhaps a
    panel mount button attached to the front or back panel?

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