Session 9: Prototype for playtesting

This week, I made an important decision. I will collaborate with Xiran Yang for the final project. I believe collaboration will foster each other’s creative thinking and avoid a lot of bias, and make the plan more comprehensive and explicit. After I shared my idea for the final project to Xiran, she resonated and gave a lot of valuable feedbacks and potential to the concept of “emotion time capsule.” The most valuable feedback I got from her is that what’s the proper way to communicate with the “time capsule”? As I mentioned last week, I wrote down my worries and thoughts when I felt stressful. However, my first view of the communication is talking to the device.

As a result, for the playtesting, we want to test which one is the proper way when it comes to storing your thoughts and why users think whether writing or talking is suitable for them. This conclusion is very crucial because this would affect the direction of the interaction.

Besides, we started to think about the appearance of the “time capsule.” Our first thought is the image of a tree. Trees have the ability absorb substances from the environment and convert it to nutritious fruits. We think it’s a metaphor for transforming your thoughts to your assets in the future. Consequently, in the first playtesting, we will use a tree shape to represent the image of the time capsule. Also, we look forward to seeing the reaction when users view their thought has been conceptually stored in the time capsule tree.

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