Session 7: Mid-term Project


My inspiration came from the struggle and pressure with mid-term projects. All of a sudden, I bumped into the illustration I drew three years ago.

I created this illustration just for fun. The idea is very straight-forward. The left side is a healthy condition. As it goes to the right side, it represents how stressful the character is. I used an exaggerated way to as the pressure goes up. An idea popped up right away after I saw my drawing. I wanted to use this illustration to be the interface of an indication of someone’s pressure.

Afterwards, I start to think about how I can map and indicate someone’s pressure. What do stressful individuals do to relieve? Yelling! Eventually, I used sound as an indicator of stress.

How it works

On the physical interface’s side, I used Electret Microphone Amplifier – MAX9812 as the sound level detector and p5.serialcontrol to transmit the data from Arduino to the laptop.

On the digital interface’s side, I set five volume bars from low to high. There are five different states to tell users how loud they shout. When the volume passes the threshold, the corresponding illustration and animation would trigger. The following are the five different states:

state 0
state 1
state 2
state 3
state 4
state 5

Source code

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